Emmanuel Bourbouhakis

  • Princeton University
  • Department of Classics
  • Assistant Professor

Emmanuel C. Bourbouhakis is Assistant Professor of Classics at Princeton University, where he teaches the long evolution of post-Classical Greek language and literature down to the Byzantine middle ages. His current research interests extend to various aspects of medieval Greek literature, including the intellectual and broadly epistemological implications of rhetoric; narrative as culture and cognition; literary style and the performance of the social subject; Greek palaeography; and the contributions of medieval Hellenism to Classicism as a contested site of value. At present he is working on a monograph on Byzantine letter-writing and a collection of studies on medieval Greek literary aesthetics grouped under the theme ‘Beyond Mimesis’. He hopes Postclassicisms will provide a venue to think about the distinctly Byzantine contributions to canonicity and the defining antithetical rôle assigned to the middle ages in the modern conception of Classicism.