Caspar Meyer

  • Bard Graduate Center, New York
  • Professor, Classical Archaeology and Material Culture

Caspar Meyer is Professor of Classical Archaeology and Material Culture at Bard Graduate Center in New York. His field is in Greek art and its cross-cultural persistence and resurgence from antiquity to the present. His first monograph, Greco-Scythian Art and the Birth of Eurasia (Oxford, 2013), explores the receptions of classical visual culture in ancient Scythia and Romanov Russia and their afterlife in modern theories of syncretism, hybridity and cultural identity. His current work looks at the role of ‘dematerialization’ in the disciplinary formation of archaeology – that is, the media of visual representation and framing (such as drawings, photographs, and museum vitrines) aiding the process of transforming artefacts into writing. He is also preparing a series of articles on the relationship between artefacts, inscriptions and notions of personhood.