Rodrigo Tadeu Gonçalves

  • Federal University of Paraná–Brazil (UFPR)
  • Department of Classics
  • Professor of Classics

Rodrigo Tadeu Gonçalves is a Professor of Classics at the Federal University of Paraná–Brazil (UFPR), having received his PhD from the same institution and completed his postdoctoral research at the Centre Léon Robin, Paris (ENS-Sorbonne-CNRS). His most recent monograph, Performative Plautus: Sophistics, Metatheater and Translation, came out in 2015 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing and his main research interests deal with poetic and rhythmic translations of the classics, the reception of Roman Comedy (especially in Brazil), and the philosophy of language and translation. He is working on a full hexametric translation of Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura and with an ensemble of ancient poetry in performance called Pecora Loca (