Gina White

  • University of Kansas, Lawrence
  • Department of Classics
  • Assistant Professor of Classics

Gina White has been an Assistant Professor in the KU Department of Classics since 2018. She has degrees from Oxford University (B.A/M.A.), the University of Pennsylvania (M.A.), and Princeton University (PhD), where she wrote her dissertation on Cicero’s translations of Greek in his philosophical works. Her research focuses on the development of Greek philosophy in the Roman world, and its presence in Latin literature. She has worked on issues such as Cicero’s use of dialogue form in his philosophical texts, the reception of Plato’s Timaeus in the Latin speaking world, and the ethics of philanthropy in the ancient world. At KU, she has taught courses in Latin language and literature, as well as Ancient Politics and Roman culture. Gina is also interested in the literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world more generally, and is happy to talk to any students interested in learning more about the subject.