Justine McConnell

  • King's College London
  • Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature

Justine McConnell is Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature at King’s College London. She is the author of Black Odysseys: The Homeric Odyssey in the African Diaspora since 1939 (OUP, 2013) and, with Fiona Macintosh, Performing Epic or Telling Tales (OUP, 2020). She has co-edited four volumes: Ancient Slavery and Abolition: From Hobbes to Hollywood (OUP, 2011) with Edith Hall and Richard Alston; The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas (OUP, 2015) with Kathryn Bosher, Fiona Macintosh, and Patrice Rankine; Ancient Greek Myth in World Fiction since 1989 (Bloomsbury, 2016) with Edith Hall; and Epic Performances from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century (OUP, 2018) with Fiona Macintosh, Stephen Harrison, and Claire Kenward.