Genaro Valencia Constantino

  • Panamerican University
  • Department of Philosophy
  • MA Candidate

Genaro Valencia Constantino completed his BA in Christian and Classical Philology at Salesian Pontifical University (Italy) and his MA in Classical Philology at UNAM (Mexico City); he fulfilled also an academic exchange course in Classical Humanities at Academia Vivarium novum (Rome). He currently studies a MA in Ancient Philosophy at Panamerican University (Mexico City) and is an assistant researcher of the National System of Researchers (SNI) in Mexico. He’s been a titular professor of Greek in the National Museum of Arts in Mexico and assistant professor of Roman Law in the Faculty of Law (UNAM). He is interested in Latin grammar (syntax and phraseology), Latin literature (mainly Cicero and Seneca: connections between rhetorics, law and philosophy), Roman legal texts (Royal Laws and Justinian’s Digest) and the reception of Classical authors in Neo-Latin literature. He already finished the translation and commentary of the Neo-Latin work Guatemalensis Ecclesiæ Monumenta (1744) to be published soon by the Centre of Mayan Studies of the Institute of Philological Research at UNAM. Thanks to the “Body and Environment” Workshop 2020, he developed and published the article “The so-called Aristotelian Defense of Enslaving American Indians: apropos the dominium and imperium according to Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda’s Thought” in the coming Nova Tellus Journal Vol. 38, Num. 2 (2020).